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Teaching piano lessons. 


I teach students from 3 years and up, all the way to adult. I can also teach students all levels ranging from beginner to advanced. I can prepare them to competitions, and concerts. With my students, I host a studio recital twice a year for them to show off their playing. I can also teach solfege, sight reading, and music theory, as suitable for their level. 

I currently have two pianos at my home, a grand piano and an electric piano. With in-person lessons, I will teach my students with my Yamaha grand piano (G5). 


30 minutes = Starts from $60

45 minutes = Starts from $90

1 hour = Starts from $120

I can discuss pricing with those with siblings. 

Please note that trial lessons will be free.

I can also teach online, or at my place, or at your place. We can negotiate later on. 

My students have won competitions and it is comfirmed that they will play at Carnegie Hall. 


About Me

I am originally from Japan and moved to the United States in 2008. I have been teaching for around 13 years in the US, and I have gotten lots of music experience in Japan as well. I have been living in NYC since 2012. 

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